Besto BéBé 100N

De Besto BéBé 100N bied uw baby of peut de optimale veiligheid op het water.

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The Besto BéBé Lifejacket offers your baby or toddler optimal protection at or on the water. This vest is filled with comfortable, supersoft foam. The fastening is located at the back to prevent your child from opening the vest. In addition, it has a collar fastening to prevent your child’s head from slipping through the vest. An adjustable leg strap offers the perfect body fit and extra safety without obstructing movement. The collar is provided with a strap that offers more grip for companions. The strap on the backside of the biggest size offers the possibility to attach a safety line. This jackets has an open backside, that makes the jacket extremely comfortable to wear on hot summer days.





 Article number



Min. required buoyancy


No. 1

< 10 kg tot 80 cm

30 N


No. 2

10 - 20 kg tot 110 cm

30 N


Specific Marks

- Grabstrap
- Big Collar with extra Buoyancy
- Reflection + signalwhistle
- Collar fastenings
- Attachment for line
- Strong ”nexus” buckles on the back
- Adjustable crotch strap
- Supersoft PVC foam