Besto 300N automatisch

Geschikt voor alle weersomstandigheden met een speciale pasvorm in de nek.

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The Besto 300N Inflatable has a good body fit due to the soft outer cover and special neck shape. The collar is strapped onto the back, this gives a comfortable neck fit. Also it gives a good neck/ head support when the jacket is inflated. The jacket comes standard with a crotch strap, to enhance performance and freeboard. The jackets are finished with edge binding all-around and has a floating capacity of 300N. The jackets are available in various versions, automatic or manual, with or without harness and in various colours.


The Besto inflatable 300N is a life jacket designed for use on open sea and in all weather conditions:

  • extreme weather.
  • when wearing heavy protective waterproof clothes.


The jacket remains safe and will rotate the body so that the airways are clear of the water.


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United Moulders MK5


Co2 cylinder

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Automatic with harness

Available without harness
Available as manual