Kindervest 100N junior

Speciaal ontworpen automatisch reddingsvest voor kinder van +20 kg.

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This jacket is specially designed for young children from appr. 20 kg. The Besto junior lifejackets are always automatically and manually activated. It has a very good body fit due to the soft outer cover and special neck shape. The collar is strapped onto the back, this gives a comfortable neck fit. When inflated, by means of the 24 grams CO2 cylinder, the jackets have 100N buoyancy that gives a good neck/ head support, a good in water body position as well as a high Freeboard.

  • All off the junior jackets come standard with a crotch strap, to enhance performance and freeboard.
  • Also standard on all the juniors is the integrated Safety Harness.
  • The juniors are available in Red, Ocean Blue and Pink








20 - 50 kg




System United Moulders MK5  

Co2 cylinder

24 gram

Article number Properties Colour
20.427.548 Automatic Harness Blue
20.427.549 Automatic Harness Pink
20.427.550 Automatic Harness Red

Adjustable legstrap (Junior)
"All Weather Cartridge"

System: United Moulders MK5